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Synopsis EMPRESS BLUE - An animation by G. Scott MacLeod
This song and animation is a rallying cry for the protection and preservation of the old Empress Theatre in the West End of Montreal. It is the hope and the wish of many of the citizens of NDG/CDN that it will one day be turned into the Empress Cultural Centre serving the people and community of NDG/CDN.

For more information go to:

http://empresscentre.org/home/homeE.html and http://www.renaissanceempress.org/newsite/home.php

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Length : 2 min 41 s
Language : English
Production format : Animation
Screening format : Quicktime
Produced by : MacLeod Nine Productions
Direction and Animations : G. Scott MacLeod
Editing : Bernard Parsons Parsons Studio
Lead vocals and acoustic guitar : G. Scott MacLeod
Back up vocals, bass, electric guitar, melodica, hand percussion : Paul Cargnello
Sound engineering : Paul Cargnello
Mixing and Mastering : Stacy Le Gallee
High Resolution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmAL4EwvenA
Low Resolution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K9RXhFYSeY

MacLeod Nine Productions  
2319 Hampton Ave. #1 Montreal, Quebec,  H4A 2K5 Canada
Office : 514.487.8766 Cell : 514.989.9995

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“Animated drawings by Scott MacLeod bring NDG’s Empress Theatre back to life! The film is a celebration of its history and a rallying cry for the protection and preservation of this special building. Many citizens hope it will one day be reborn as the Empress Cultural centre again serving the NDG community”.
Off the wall film festival Montreal, Quebec

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