Film credits

I could not have done this project if it wasn't for the help of my colleagues and friends. I like to thank all those who were involved.

Written and Directed by

G. Scott MacLeod

Based on the oral history and
of Hannelore Scheiber


Hannelore Scheiber

 Gerda Dressler
Barbara Schulz
Jean Devigne

Director of photography
Emmet Walsh

Lead Editor
Martin Pensa

Gwenaëlle Larpent

Animations and VFX Directed by

Martin Pensa


Jean Devigne
Alexandre Wang-Legentil

Original Score

G. Scott MacLeod
Ky Anto
Shaun Pilot

Line Producer
Vuk Stojanovic

Executive producers
Hannelore Schieber
Jean Devigne

Produced by
G. Scott MacLeod
MacLeod Nine Productions

Cameraman 16mm
Emmet Walsh

High  definition cameraman
Olaf Hogermeyer

Additional video and still photography
G. Scott MacLeod
Erik West - Millette

Assistant camera
Cinzia Riveri

Jean Devigne/Code

Director’s Assistant
Rebecca Arsenault

Film consultant
Isabelle Marin
Production Zèle

German history consultant
Rosemarie Schade

Post Production Supervision
Vuk Stojanovic

Producer  (NFB)
Pierre Lapointe

Coordinator  (NFB)
Marie-Christine Guité

B&W Film Processing
Niagra Custom Lab

Colour Film Processing
Cité Lab

Telecine technician (NFB)
Aldo La Ricca

HD Digitizing

Photos Digitizing
Photo Service

Vision Globale

Martin Pensa
Gwenaëlle Larpent

Pencil Animations
G. Scott MacLeod

3D Animation
Bernard Parsons
Colour Correction
Sarah Picard

Lead Compositor
Nicolas Laprise Pellicelli

Jean-Michel St-Pierre Lapierre
Mathieu Taggart

On Line

Direct Sound
Jean Devigne/Code

English voice over recording
Rebecca Arsenault

German and French voice over recording
Productions Tonnerre de Brest

Voice over editing
Julia Innes

Sound design
Alexandre Wang-Legentil (Audio Z)

Sound Mix (NFB)
Serge Boivin

Sound Technician (NFB)
Daniel Trépanier

Music, Lyrics and Arrangements
G. Scott MacLeod

Soundtrack Producers
Ky Anto
G. Scott MacLeod
Shaun Pilot

Soundtrack engineering, mixing and mastering
Ky Anto


Ky Anto

Robin Gorn
Josée Gagnon
G. Scott MacLeod

Shaun Pilot

Laure Péré

Jubilee Kids Choir


Ky Anto – Bass, electric guitar and piano
Joséane Brunelle – Saxophone
Alex Flores – Percussion
G. Scott MacLeod – Acoustic Guitar
Philippe Mius d’Entremont - Cello
Cassandra Norton – Violin
Shaun Pilot – McAuslan’s hedge clippers
Tristan Tondino – Resonator and Spanish guitar

Soundtrack available at

Stock shots and photo archive material

Julia Innes
Stefanie Küehnel

Scanning and photo cropping
John Huddart
 Sylvain Chaussée

Mylène Reid

Stock Shot Footage Library
The National Film Board of Canada

Deutsches Historisches Museum
Berlin, Germany

Picture Archive
Kathi Rumlow

Henry Ries, The New York Times,
DHM, Berlin, Germany

Airlift Mural photograph in Templehof Airport
courtesy of Dick Kramer Studios

Truman Presidential Museum and Library
Montana, USA

Sina Küehnel’s personal photo collection

Hannelore Scheiber’s personal photo collection


The Berlin Candy Bomber
by Col. Gail S. Halvorsen, Horizon Publishers & Distributors, Bountiful, Utah, 1990.

The Fall of Berlin 1945
by Antony Beevor, Viking Penguin Books, New York, 2003.

French Translation
Laure Péré

German Translation
Dieter Halbwidel
Rosemarie Schade
Helma Kroeh-Sommer

Formating and Corrections
Romi Norrington

DVD Authoring
Tim Rideout (Fibii Media)

Press kit copy editor
Rob Lutes

Studio Parsons

Graphic design
Tagteam Studio

Ted Christeas
Claudia Chin

Thank you


Concordia University Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
Consul General, Montreal, Jörg Metger
Consul General, Montreal, adjoint Hans-Joachim Friess
Consul General, Montreal, Press and Cultural Affairs
Anja Mengewein
German Chamber of Commerce in Montreal,
Sascha Bardens
Jubilee Elementary School
Serge Laforest at Audio Z
Gilles Castilloux at Main Film
Peter McAuslan at McAuslan Brewing
Stef Mercier at Mercier Holdings
Judy Heron  at Unionville Insurance
Jessica & Liz Charbonneau at Tagteam Studio

Ky Anto
Marrek Bagga
Melanie Bauer
Joséane Brunelle
Rosalina Cerritos
Lindsay Eberts
Craig Gillett
Gad Henrion
Doug Mackay
Walter Makowski
Alyson MacLeod
Roger MacLeod
Stewart MacLeod
Libby McCullough
Norma Nixon
Stéphanie Pascal
Gerald Pedros
Randy Renaud
Pierre Ross
Christina Sciascia
Ezra Soiferman
Nancy Stokes
Tristan Tondino
Jaime Torres
Tania Zolty
Marilynn Vanderstay
Eric Witticomb


Gerhard Bormann
Bert Holterdorf at Praxis Hagen Galerie
Olaf Jansen and the staff at Mutter Hoppe
Sina Küehnel
Stefanie Küehnel
Horst Kaspar and Uschi Gruber
Olaf Hogermeyer and Cinzia Riveri
Gunter and Barbara Schulz
Claudia Seeber at The Canadian Embassy Berlin
Jochen Simon
Claude Trudelle and Manuel Fifel at Bureau Québec in Berlin


Matt Rigney
Steffen Pierce
Dick Kramer

Produced with the financial participation of
The National Film Board of Canada
Through the Filmmakers Assistance Program (FAP)


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MAIN FILM – Buzz- Audio Z- KODAK - Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Concordia Univerisity- Brasserie McAuslan Brewing – Tagteam - Studio Parsons

Shot on location in Berlin, Germany

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